Is Baking Soda Toxic to Dogs


Baking soda is a versatile household ingredient that can be used for cleaning, cooking, and even personal hygiene. But is it safe for dogs🐶?

Many dog owners use baking soda as a natural remedy for various health issues, from upset stomachs to fleas🥰. However, it’s important to know whether baking soda is safe for dogs or if it can be toxic to them.

In this article✍️, we’ll explore the potential risks and benefits of using baking soda for your dog, how to use it safely, and what to do if your dog🐕 accidentally ingests it.

Is Baking Soda Toxic to Dogs

Is Baking Soda Toxic to Dogs? Exploring the Risks and Benefits

Using baking soda on your dog can have both potential benefits and risks. Here’s what you need to know:

Benefits of Using Baking Soda on Dogs:

  1. Natural flea repellent: Baking soda can help repel fleas on your dog’s fur by drying them out and making it harder for them to stick to the hair. You can mix baking soda with water and spray it on your dog’s coat or sprinkle it on their bedding.
  2. Relieves itching and skin irritations: Baking soda has natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe your dog’s itchy or irritated skin. You can mix it with water to create a paste and apply it directly to the affected area.
  3. Freshens breath: Baking soda can help freshen your dog’s breath by neutralizing odors caused by bacteria in the mouth. You can mix it with water to create a mouthwash or sprinkle it on your dog’s food.

Risks of Using Baking Soda on Dogs:

  1. Skin irritation: Baking soda can be harsh on some dogs’ skin, especially if used in concentrated amounts or left on for too long. Always test a small area first and wash it off thoroughly.
  2. Ingestion: If your dog ingests baking soda, it can cause stomach upset, vomiting, and diarrhea. In severe cases, it can also lead to electrolyte imbalances and metabolic alkalosis.
  3. Allergic reactions: Some dogs may be allergic to baking soda and can develop a rash, hives, or swelling after coming into contact with it.

Using Baking Soda Safely on Dogs:

If you decide to use baking soda on your dog, follow these tips to ensure their safety:

  1. Use only small amounts: Only use a small amount of baking soda at a time, and always dilute it with water.
  2. Test a small area first: Before applying baking soda to your dog’s skin, test a small area first to make sure they don’t have an allergic reaction.
  3. Wash it off thoroughly: After using baking soda on your dog, make sure to wash it off thoroughly to prevent skin irritation or ingestion.

What to Do If Your Dog Accidentally Ingests Baking Soda

Is Baking Soda Toxic to Dogs

If your dog ingests baking soda, it’s important to act quickly. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Call your vet: Contact your vet immediately and let them know what happened.
  2. Observe your dog: Monitor your dog for any signs of vomiting, diarrhea, or other symptoms.
  3. Follow your vet’s advice: Your vet may recommend inducing vomiting or other treatments depending on the severity of your dog’s symptoms.


In conclusion, baking soda can be a useful and safe household ingredient for treating various health issues in dogs, including fleas, skin irritations, and bad breath.

However, it’s important to use it safely and in small amounts, as excessive use or ingestion can cause harm to your furry friend.

Always test a small area first, dilute it with water, and wash it off thoroughly. If your dog accidentally ingests baking soda, seek veterinary advice immediately.

With proper use and precautions, baking soda can be a natural and effective solution for maintaining your dog’s health and well-being.

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FAQs-Is Baking Soda Toxic to Dogs

Is baking soda toxic to dogs?

Small amounts of baking soda are usually safe for dogs, but large amounts can be dangerous.

What makes baking soda potentially harmful to dogs?

Baking soda has sodium bicarbonate in it, which can upset a dog’s stomach and throw off its electrolytes.

Can dogs consume baking soda as a remedy for upset stomachs?

If your vet doesn’t tell you to, you shouldn’t give baking soda to your dog because it can make some situations worse.

Is baking soda safe for dogs’ skin or coats?

Small amounts of baking soda can be used on a dog’s skin or fur, but don’t use too much.

Can baking soda be used for dog dental care?

Baking soda can be used in small amounts to help a dog’s breath smell better, but the dog shouldn’t swallow a lot of it.

What should I do if my dog ingests baking soda?

If your dog eats a lot of baking soda or shows any signs of being sick, you should call your vet right away.

Can baking soda be used as a natural flea treatment for dogs?

Baking soda may help a little with fleas, but it’s not a good replacement for ways recommended by a vet.

Are baking soda-containing products safe for dogs?

Some goods with baking soda may be safe, but you should always read the label to see if there are any other ingredients that could be dangerous.

Is baking soda toxic to other pets, like cats?

Most of the time, baking soda is safe for cats, but it should still be used with car.

Can puppies tolerate baking soda better than adult dogs?

Baking soda may have a stronger effect on puppies, so use it with care or talk to your vet.

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